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Emil Acolatse created F.I.R.E. with the vision and drive to improve the conditions of his community as well as others. His goal for F.I.R.E. is to be a beacon of light thats networks and provide resources for all in need. He is focused on developing the organization with experience and integrity. 
“Every man is guilty of all the good he did not do”

Emil Acolatse Born in Accra, Ghana Emil moved to Philadelphia at the age of 8. Living in time in Philadelphia Emil played basketball for his high-school Parkway Northwest while excelling in the classroom getting multiple full paid tuition scholarships to various Pennsylvania state schools. Emil decided to go to Cheyney University thee first HBCU. AT Cheyney Emil studied and graduated with a chemistry degree. After college Emil bounce around several teaching jobs and technical jobs until he landed a research technician role at ExxonMobil. 

While at Exxon Emil had a big interest in helping the community and giving back to the youth as he was already doing genuinely. He started a non-profit organization called F.I.R.E. FREE INSPIRATION REACHING EVERYONE catering to the youth and helping them through mentorship, educational tutoring and development. With these programs he saw the need to help and celebrate the adults within the community who were deserving of praise for their constant impact in the welfare of their community. In that the development of the Black Gala was formed to recognize these individuals in a black tie and formal setting. 

The work did not stop as he wanted to provide support and resources to his home land of Ghana. In 2017 Emil held his first basketball tournament in Accra Ghana at the historic Lebanon House. This is step in Emil's purpose to truly giving back to those in need. Emil has been running his non-profit organization for over 6 years contributing and collaborating with other organizations and community leaders in the Philadelphia to help the youth. Emil is thankful to be a servant of his community and plans to take his organization to the next level.




Treasurer / Certified Public Accountant 

Jeter was born in Philadelphia, PA where he excelled in the sport of basketball. His love of the game led him to Chestnut Hill College where he earned his BS in Accounting and a MS in Administration of Human Services.

Professionally he has over 13 years of accounting experience (primarily in tax and audit) which he began in Florida where he resided for 9 years prior to moving back to the “City of Brotherly Love.” Jeter honed his technical skills in accounting as an auditor with PriceWaterhouseCoopers(PwC). Jeter is currently the owner of EJeter Service, were he solves important problems for his clients. In addition to helping his clients with their important problems, standard accounting practices, and financial risk management, he specializes in non profit accounting. He is excited to work with grassroots organizations that are looking to scale their outreach. This is his way of synergizing his love for community, while continuing to grow in his profession. Since his return to Philadelphia he has been passionate about uplifting the youth in the community where he provides coaching, mentorship, and advocacy through basketball, to young men and women through "Hood Enriched" (HE), non-profit organization. Along with coaching Jeter is an active board member of HE. Jeter credits his passion of enriching the next generation to Dennis L. Davis(memorialized), his childhood mentor and coach who made a great impact on his life to become the man he is today.

Courtney A. Mitchell Abana Headshot.jpg

Director of Operations

Courtney A. Mitchell Abana, Ph.D. has over 10 years of experience as a Chemical Engineer with a demonstrated history of product and process development across multiple industries. She is skilled in product ideation, process optimization, innovation, and collaboration. Her Formed in 2015 by friends and coworkers Emil Acolatse and Syed Naqvi at ExxonMobil where they began their work in varies communities through city of Philadelphia. They were involved in community homeless outreach and workshops to empower and encourage the youth. 

In 2016, our Nonprofit Organization realized that by working together we could overcome our challenges much more efficiently, and that is why we ultimately decided to launch Free Inspiration Reaching Everyone (F.I.R.E.). We have a responsibility to our community and the youth to help them provide the resources and experiences for future opportunities. 

Dr. Abana holds a Ph.D. in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering from Vanderbilt University and a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from Hampton University. As a Global Automotive OEM Technical Advisor at ExxonMobil, she provides fluid and technical solutions to the largest global construction and mining equipment manufacturer, Caterpillar Inc. Courtney, her husband Chike Osita Abana, MD, PhD, and daughter Chidimma Zoe Abana reside in Houston, TX.

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Director of Communications

Kaitlyn is a TV and radio host. Her broadcast career includes hosting local lifestyle TV show in Baltimore, editing video for Good Morning America and CBS3 right here in Philadelphia! Kaitlyn, aka Kaite Rose, graduated Neumann University with a communications degree. During her time in studies and shortly after, she leaned into her sense of adventure and worked as a hiking, biking and white water rafting guide. She also spent a contract with Disney Cruise Lines as a youth activities councilor. 

She came home and began her broadcast career. Starting as a part time promotions assistant at a local Baltimore radio station, she worked her way to being a host on the morning show! The Reagan, Jon and Kaite Rose show aired for several years! She then transitioned to a TV.  She hosted BMore Lifestyle, where she was part of a small all-female team who researched, wrote and gave a platform to local community members making a difference.  Along the way she was honored to interview celebrities from Kelly Roland to Al Rocker and Kristin Chenoweth.  Today she uses her talents to host charity events for The Red Devils and The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.  Personally she loves to experiment with video and editing programs to capture life's moments. Turning memories into fun videos to savor for years to come for family and friends.  

She was thrilled to join FIRE! She plans to use her connections, experience and expertise to better the lives of those who can use it! She is passionate about FIRE because she believes in the power of community. When we hold each other up and help each other reach our greatest potential, we can change the world. She is honored to work with such a profoundly passionate group of professionals.  There is nothing more important than working together to help the youth find their best path in life. Born with the idea that creating a support system, uplifting each other in the face of hurdles and celebrating each success; FIRE is bound to bring personal greatness out of everyone in our community. Kaitlyn is thrilled to be part of that process.

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Grant Writer/Organization Management 

Kenyada Posey has been a community activist for the majority of her life. She has a passion to serve and uplift the community she grew up in and similar communities where people are marginalized and underserved. After receiving a Bachelors in political science, Kenyada earned a Master’s in International Relations and left her childhood city of Montgomery, Alabama for Washington,DC. 

She then served as a campaign organizer for impoverished communities in North Carolina, Indiana, and Philadelphia. After serving in Americorps as a Community Project Coordinator at a local nonprofit/charter school for underserved youth, she decided to obtain a Certification in Grant Writer and started her Grant Writing Business in order to serve smaller nonprofits who were on the ground serving the communities in need. She enjoys getting people the resources they need to serve the people in need. 


Director of Technology and Logistics 

Sean McMillan is rooted in Neptune NJ. He developed an early love for the game of basketball. As he aged he became a highly touted player. Winning numerous awards. He leveraged his playing ability and natural business acumen to get a position at The Hoop Group. He was granted a statistician position at the age of 11. After his games, he would be the record the stats of other games. He was able to move up to a managerial position by high school and continued at this position until his leaving during his Sophomore Year in College to broaden his horizons. Sean played at college (William Paterson University), he began to make the switch from basketball player to executive. 

He started a photography company, Midas Minds Productions. This enables him to globetrot the world while working with A-list celebrities and being featured in an international film festival (Echelons). During his schooling at the New Jersey Institute of Technology, he began to delve deep into the sciences. Being university's first business student to become a research assistant with the physics department, winning a National Science Foundation x I-corps Grant for the commercialization of future technology, President of Ascend Pan-Asian Leadership, Director of Marketing for the Solar Car Team, TedxNJIT team, and a member of Phi Beta Sigma Incorporated. As of recently, he is Amazon's best-selling author and the CEO of Prime Technologies. P.T. focuses on blockchain technology, Sustainable energies, plastic reduction, and philanthropic efforts to bring the wonders of tech to remote areas. He also mentors youth and volunteers often in his hometown of Neptune, NJ.



Director of Community Outreach/Programing, Certified Yoga Instructor

Dennis Davis is an experienced inspirational leader, youth mentor, and certified Yoga instructor. Driven by results, he takes pride in seeing gifts in people who cannot see it in themselves. As an Inspirational leader, his goals include discovering, cultivating, and directing these gifts to specific needs in communities who need them. In addition to his primary passion, Dennis has been recognized by his peers for his extraordinary commitment to youth mentorship and program development.
After obtaining his bachelor degree in public administration from Kutztown University, Dennis took a different career route into sales where his passion for leadership was honed and polished. Dennis worked at T-Mobile USA for 10 years, where he spent significant time working on personal development, developing future leaders and talent management. As a Store manager, he was instrumental in the development and promotions of 12 individuals into leadership roles. Two In which were named top 1% in overall performance in the company for 2 consecutive years under his direct leadership. 
With a yearning to be able to influence and lead a larger audience, Dennis became the Founder of Trapdoor Inc in 2007, a non-profit organization. Trapdoor Inc. sole purpose is to create a space where individuals, groups, organizations and communities can utilize mentorship, traditional and alternative resources such as yoga, meditation and breath work, and a network of professionals in various industries to discover, cultivate and share their gifts with the world.
Dennis spends much time reflecting by way of meditation, studying and identifying where he could sharpen his craft and maybe the biggest task of them all is learning how to become a better father to three of the most precious beings in his life, his three children.


Technology Officer, Director of Cloud and Technical Development Management 

Adam Benoit de Delva is a First Generation Haitian-American who was born and raised in Queens, New York. Throughout his life, Adam has been passionate about cars, life sciences, and technology. He has extensive experience in technology consulting, sales, business development, product innovation, and building go-to-market strategies and teams for renowned technology platforms and organizations. Adam has always challenged the status quo in all aspects of his life, often finding himself as the youngest and blackest in corporate rooms where key decisions are made.

Currently, Adam works at Microsoft as a Senior Application and Innovation Consultant, focusing on assisting organizations in modernizing and innovating their mission-critical applications and platforms. He specializes in software development, security, and operations optimization consulting across hybrid cloud computing platforms. Adam's clients primarily consist of major financial services, life sciences, technology, consulting and telecommunications organizations.

In addition to his role at Microsoft, Adam has founded three startups. Notably: DevSecOps Technology Research & Consulting, doing business as DTR Consulting, which conducts community-guided research to optimize development, security, and operations for hybrid cloud environments. Get The Millions Collective (GTM Collective DBA: GTM // GetTheMillions) , a global collective centered around lifestyle branding. GTM Collective adds significant value by supporting emerging markets, non-profits, and fostering connections between typically isolated communities, enabling others to #GetTheMillions. The collective achieves this through local and global events for its members, as well as sharing skills, resources, training, and networks to members of the collective. Notably, 20% of GTM's proceeds are dedicated to emerging markets and global community philanthropy.

Adam is deeply committed to challenging and reshaping the status quo of formal education systems. He aims to ensure that his own experience as a college dropout leading prestigious technology companies becomes a regular occurrence. He achieves this by investing his time, energy, and educational resources in global emerging markets, particularly in African, South American, and Caribbean countries.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Adam actively volunteers his time and resources. He serves on the board of Non-Profit:  F.I.R.E (Free Inspiration Reaching Everyone) where he donates time and capital to aligned initiatives. Additionally, Adam holds the role of Global Technology Advisor and is President of the NYC Chapter for one of the largest and fastest-growing DevOps communities globally, consisting 30,000+ members.

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